Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The following is a collaborative review!

My Review:

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is the conclusion of the Skywalker saga. This movie had a lot of unanswered questions for the fans. This movie continues where the last one left off. I felt there were things I really liked about the movie as well as some things I didn’t. I think this movie did a good job with the answers to all of the questions I had throughout this trilogy. I quite liked how shocking some of the twists were. As always, the characters are great and I loved the actors portraying them. The movie did a good job including Carrie Fisher in the story, even with the limited scenes they could use due to her unfortunate passing in 2016. One of the things I did not like about the movie was the pacing. The movie starts with a bang but slows down in its middle sections. Despite the pacing, I also felt the movie had a lot to cover, and it definitely could have been longer. I also felt the movie at times was too focused on correcting “The Last Jedi,” which I personally enjoyed but the studio likely felt needed correcting due to all of the backlash. This movie played it a lot safer and tried to deliver something the fans would enjoy. Overall, this is a good “Star Wars” movie and a rock-solid conclusion to the saga.


Yash’s Reply:

I also felt this was a solid conclusion for the Skywalker saga. I did feel the movie did try a bit too hard to do damage control from “The Last Jedi” but I think the choices they made were solid. I thought the central story wasn’t that strong, but I have to say I thought the movie was well-paced and a good length. I am glad we enjoyed this movie because it seems like “Star Wars” fans are impossible to please nowadays. Can’t wait to see where this world goes next!

Yash’s Review:

I thought that “The Rise of Skywalker” wraps up this new trilogy fairly well. The story isn’t without some messiness, but as a whole, I had a lot of fun watching this movie. I’ve liked every entry in this trilogy, even the imperfect “Last Jedi” and thought this movie worked pretty hard to undo the complaints people had about it. The movie doesn’t always feel like an epic conclusion to a beloved series, but it’s still a solid “Star Wars” movie. I also thought some things happen in this movie that felt a bit under-explained and that made the execution of the story a bit sloppy. Nonetheless, the movie still has the things that make movies in this franchise work, great action, characters, and a lot of heart. Overall, I find it a bit upsetting how mixed the reviews have been for this movie because while it isn’t among the best, it certainly is far from the worst the franchise has seen.


My Reply:

I agree with Yash on how this movie delivered a good finale to the Skywalker saga. I think we are among the fans who liked “The Last Jedi,” so we were hopeful about this movie. While it wasn’t an epic conclusion as we may have hoped, I’m glad we still had fun. I feel the pacing of the movie was messy and can see what you are saying about the story. I definitely agree that this isn’t the best “Star Wars” movie but also not the worst.

Average Score:


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