Ford v Ferarri

“Ford v Ferarri” is directed by James Mangold and it stars Christian Bale and Matt Demon. This movie is based on when Ford takes the challenge to built a fast car to compete in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. I was honestly very excited about this movie when I saw the trailer of this movie. Even with the story that is based on real-life the director made the movie Logan which if you ever read my review on the movie I wrote a pretty “okay” movie but I gave it my favorite movie of that year after watching it again and realizing it was a great movie.

This movie was so far my favorite movie to watch this year. The story of the movie was well done, it was easy to follow and it was smooth, the casting was great with Matt and Christian taking the steps and risk to compete in the race and defy the odds against them. I can not get over the cinematography of the movie, it looked so smooth on the screen. Usually watching fast-moving cars at times not entertaining as it is all over the place. Over here, they did a great job of keeping up with the pace that made it exciting to watch from the start to the end. I honestly do not have much to say against the movie as I did not see any problems with the movie.

Overall, I highly enjoyed the movie from the start and would highly recommend to everyone to watch this movie during this Thanksgiving break.

Rating: 5/5

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