11 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Last year I wrote an article about the 10 years of the MCU. I watched the entire series leading up to Infinity War and did a ranking from my least favorite to #1. This time I am gonna do the same with the added movies of Infinity War, Ant-man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel. Please note I have not written the reviews on the Wasp and Marvel. I will get back to them and write my reviews on those movies.

With that out of the way. Here is the ranking of all of the MCU movies currently:

20. Thor: The Dark World

Image result for thor the dark world

This had to my least favorite in the universe. Even though they brought the introduction of the Reality stone which will be important in future films. The movie falls flat on its face with the main focus of the story was the chemistry between Thor and his Earth girlfriend Jane Foster. This might be the only movie that at times I wanted to skip forward to the action scenes. Loki could not save the movie even with his reveal as the King of Asgard at the end of the movie.

19. Thor

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The introduction of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not my favorite. Even though the characters of the movie were great from Chris Hemsworth portraying as the God of Thunder to the MCU’s favorite villain (he is more of an anti-hero now) Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. The story was OK for bring Asgard to Universe but the movie started to get slow when Thor is sent to Earth for his disobedience and has to show his willingness to gain his power again by lifting his hammer Mjölnir. This is when they brought the chemistry between Jane and Thor which starts to get annoying.

18. Iron Man 2

Image result for iron man 2

Robert Downey Jr. portraying as Tony Stark has no flaw in this movie even having Don Cheadle as the new “James Rhodes” was not a problem I had with this movie. The problem I had with this movie was the villain of the movie Whiplash played by Mickey Rourke. His performance was one of the low-point of the movie. The story was also lacking the same energy as the first Iron Man did. With the story revolving with Tony Stark dying, Justin Hammer and Pepper Potts becoming CEO of Stark Industries definitely would have people scared in 2010 that maybe the Cinematic Universe is not gonna survive. (I might have overstated that the MCU is not gonna survive)

18. The Incredible Hulk

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I honestly did not have any problem of this movie back in 2008 when I saw it for the first time. I thought Edward Norton did a good job as the Hulk, the story was well paced and the villain of the movie, Abomination was great. Now after watching the movie this year, I was definitely was having the problem of the pacing of the movie. It was having a hard time when it supposed to be fast paced and when it is supposed to slow down. The villain was another problem I had with the movie. He was only in the movie for 15 minutes and he was defeated. Before I started the marathon this movie was on my top ten list but having seen the cons it dropped its place.

17. Captain Marvel


I was definitely excited when this movie came out and was not disappointed that they bring this character origin story in the MCU. I thought her story in trying to find herself was great and it opened a whole world on how they can continue on this character. The problem I believe from this film was at times the slow pacing of the story. That is what kind of killed the movie full potential for me. If they would have sped the pace of the movie I would have enjoyed it even more but regardless it was a fun movie.

16. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Image result for guardians of the galaxy vol 2

This movie was a “good” for me. Do not get me wrong, the characters were as great as they were in the original Guardians movie. I did enjoy the third act of the movie which really redeemed the movie from being really slow during the second act which was a recovery. The problem that I had with the movie was the pacing of the movie and maybe having too much comedy in an action movie.

15. Ant-Man and the Wasp

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This movie was not as great as the first Ant-Man movie. It, however, was still a fun movie and bringing in a new concept in the MCU really make us question about the future of the MCU. Not in a bad way but in a way on how the quantum zone will change the MCU. The movie was still enjoyable, the story was great. The addition of the Wasp was great and who can forget Luis and his amazing narrative story about Scott. That was definitely the highlight of the movie for me.

14. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Image result for avengers age of ultron still

This movie could almost be considered as the bridge between “Phase 1” and “Phase 3”. Half of the movie was subplots for Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. The other half was Avengers trying to stop an A.I- super intelligent robot Ultron. The movie honestly was not bad at all for being the “sub-plot” of the Avengers movie. It did not have the same energy as the first Avengers movie but it was still entertaining and also bring in new characters in the movie to fight Ultron: Vision, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch which will be important in future movies (except Quicksilver, unfortunately).

13. Ant-Man

Image result for ant-man 2015

Never, had I ever laughed for hard and continuously in a Marvel movie. From the main and supporting actors, all of them did a great job in this movie. Never do you ever feel bored in the movie because the jokes come non-stop. The action scenes in the movie were also done incredibly well.

12. Doctor Strange

Image result for doctor strange

Benedict Cumberbatch always delivers great performance. Especially of his performance in bring Doctor Strange into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was great and highly enjoyable. The introduction of magic in the universe was done right. The visual effects were also the highlight of the movie. Never have I seen a landscape of city being changed like that. It was more intense then Inception. The only downside of the movie was the one- dimension villain of the movie.

11. Captain America: The First Avenger

Image result for captain america the first avenger

Chris Evans performance of Captain Steve Rogers as definitely a great choice as well as the supporting characters. I really liked how Marvel brought it back to the 1940s and show us the prime time of Captain America as he fighting Hydra across Europe. The action scenes throughout the movie were done well and the pacing of the movie was done right. The movie also brought the introduction of the space stone known as the Tesseract in the movie. The villain of the movie was the only problem I had but overall it a great movie for an American legend.

10. Iron Man 3

Image result for iron man 3

I was debating with myself if I should have put the movie at #15 or #14 before I started my marathon. After watching the movie I had to change the number and put it higher. Yes, not a lot of people would agree with me. Especially, messing up with the villain: the Mandarin. I put it higher on the list because of the action, especially the third act when you see Tony’s suits coming to help him. The story was also really well if I had to compare it to Iron Man 2. Another reason was the character development of Tony Stark especially after the events of the Avengers on how he was coping with life.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy

Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2014

Who would ever think A talking tree that only says “I am Groot” would have been everyone’s favorite character in the movie? The chemistry between the characters was one of the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seeing how an assassin, a talking raccoon, a human, a talking tree and an alien who is after Ronan for killing his family working together was definitely the highlight of the movie. Even though Ronan was not the best villain I was able to overlook it by the comedy of the movie.

8. Thor: Ragnarok

Image result for thor ragnarok

The only Thor movie that I really enjoyed watching. The director Taika Waititi did a great job in bring Thor’s life grounded and almost making him look mortal and not as the King of Asgard that we have seen in other Thor movies. The battle between Thor and Hulk was done great and I highly enjoyed it. The comedy of the movie was also done great. The supporting characters were great and I especially enjoyed Jeff Goldblum performance in the movie. I was also relieved that there was not the love story between Jane and Thor.

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Image result for spider man homecoming

The one movie everyone was waiting when Spider-man will have his own movie in the universe. This movie did not disappoint me at all. Bring a coming to age movie and base it on Spider-man was the combination everyone want. The villain was also great which is great especially with the track record Marvel has with its villain. The story was amazing and I really enjoyed it from the start to the end.

6. Captain America: Civil War

Image result for captain america civil war movie stills

The one movie where we see the Avengers changed forever with the events after the Sokovia accords. The story of the movie was the highlight for me as I said it changed everything we knew about the team. The movie also makes you change your mind if Captain America is standing for something right or Tony Stark is right in having the government control over them? The movie really makes you think the challenges Steve Rogers face throughout the movie.

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Related image

Another Captain America movie that really makes you think what is right and what is wrong. The story and the villain of the movie for me was the highlight of the movie for me. The action throughout the movie was done great and the cinematography for the fights was great to watch.

4. Black Panther

Image result for black panther

Another movie everyone was waiting after Captain America: Civil War. It was great in bringing the land of Wakanda in the universe. The characters in the movie were well cast. The villain of the movie, Killmonger was one of best villain in the universe. He broke the curse most villains in MCU faced with their bad plains. This movie actually makes you agree with the villain which is a first. The music was another highlight of the movie since the movie has been released I have been listening to the soundtrack and it doesn’t get old.

3. The Avengers

Image result for avengers 2012

Never have we seen 6 heroes coming together with different lives, putting their differences aside to stop a villain who opened a wormhole in the sky and brought an army of alien soldiers to conquer the world. This movie was perfect in every way for me, it had great pacing, the villain was not boring and we also some of the heroes clashing with each other which really grounded the characters. The third act of the movie is one of the best I saw in the MCU with New York City being destroyed and seeing our heroes fighting the aliens.

2.Avengers: Infinity War

Image result for avengers infinity war still

This movie was not an Avengers movie. It was Thanos movie. This was his movie on obtaining the Inifiny stones for his gauntlet. Never have I left an MCU movie demanding that the heroes need to win. Every time I watch the movie from the start to the end it leaves me in awe of how Thanos was able to his mission without hesitation in order to bring balance in the universe.

1. Iron Man

Image result for iron man 2008

The one movie that started the MCU and it still is my favorite. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. He owns the character. The story of the movie is the best, the actors and the supporting characters were well cast. The action scenes from the first act all the way to the third act were done great. It never gets dull. The pacing of the movie was well done. Honestly, this might be the few movies which I do not have any cons for it because it really is….perfect.

With this review guys. I think we can all agree on what Dr. Strange says “We are in the endgame now…..”


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