The following is a collaborative review!

My review:

“Venom” is directed by Ruben Fleischer and it stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Willams, and Riz Ahmad. This movie does not follow the same universe as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony chose to create a story within a separate universe. The movie does not follow the same origin story of Venom from comic book lore. They changed it up and made a brand new story but it still follows the comics in terms of style and themes. I was really skeptical of the movie for two reasons. The first was that I was unsure if this movie could be any good without any mention of Spider-man. The second reason was that I had doubts about a stand-alone villain movie being interesting. I came to the conclusion that while this movie wasn’t good, it was still an entertaining enough stand-alone villain movie. The movie was a hot mess because the story really wasn’t entertaining.  The villain of the movie was very bland and had no compelling motive. The movie also struggled with many tonal inconsistencies. The best part of the movie was Tom Hardy and the little interactions between his character and the voice in his head. I feel the movie could have been amazing had it followed the comics more loyally and I feel the movie could have benefitted from an R-rating. I feel like it was unnecessary to tone it down as recent R-rated superhero movies have found success. This movie missed the mark for me but I feel hardcore fans of the Venom character should have fun with it. Yes, the movie is all over the place but it a least gets the main character right thanks to Tom Hardy. I would recommend watching this movie just for the performance of the character.

2.5/5 STARS

Yash’s Reply:

I agree with how Tom Hardy is the best part of this movie. It seems like we are on the same page about pretty much all of the pros and cons. I too feel the movie deserved an R-rating and the toned down violence definitely took away from the experience. Overall, I thought it was an okay movie with more potential. It’s making plenty of money so maybe it’ll have a chance to redeem itself with a sequel.

Yash’s Review:

I had my doubts about the stand-alone “Venom” from the moment it had been announced. I primarily felt this way because I personally feel the ideal story with the titular character has to have some sort of conflict with Spider-Man. However, I went into the movie with an open mind, and while there are entertaining aspects in the movie, there are also plenty of problems. Starting off with what worked, I felt the strongest part of the movie was the inclusion of Tom Hardy. Even in his weaker films, he’s usually always great, and this movie is no exception. I also found plenty of mindless fun in the second half and thought the action was fast-paced and mostly fun. However, these actions scenes play out as I expected them too and didn’t really bring anything new to the superhero genre. Despite the few things that work, the movie never surpasses just being an average experience due to two striking problems. The first is that the exposition is painfully boring and the movie is a drag until around the halfway mark. The second major issue is that the dialogue is cheesy at times and the script is messy and the story has many moments that didn’t make a lot of logical sense. If you’re looking for mindless action scenes, the second half is fine but as a whole, “Venom” is a waste of a good cast and kind of a misfire.


My Reply:

As Yash said, I also had doubts about this movie when it was first announced. It seems like there were many things we both liked and disliked. Tom Hardy definitely felt like a good fit for the role. The second half truly is the most entertaining part of the movie. I completely agree with the two problems that Yash pointed out about the movie. It was really slow before the second half and the dialogue was at times cringe-worthy and laughable.

Average Score:

2.75/5 STARS

Yash’s Blog:


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