Ocean 8

“Ocean 8” is directed by Gary Ross and it stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Mindy Kaling. This movie is in the same universe with the Ocean trilogy starring George Clooney. In this movie, we follow Danny Ocean’s sister (Sandra) she just got released from prison. She wants to assemble a team and take revenge on a person that sent her to jail. For the hype of the movie, it was being delivered as almost at the same level as the Ocean trilogy you will be disappointed. The movie is not bad at all, I loved the chemistry between the character it was flawless and how they were working together for a common goal was great to watch. The story was easy to follow, it almost feels in the same formula as the Ocean Eleven movie but it had a different vibe to it. The parts I did not like about the movie had to be the pacing. It was at times very slow especially during the second act. It made the movie to speed up the third act which caused it too almost have a fast-forward effect during the ending scenes of the movie. Another problem I had with the movie was the ending it left me disappointed as it felt very predictable.

I would recommend watching the movie if you want to watch a heist movie. Even though the pacing is bad at times it is still fun to watch and the chemistry between the characters was almost near-perfect.

Rating: 3/5

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