“Geostorm” is directed by Dean Devlin and it stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, and Abbie Cornish. How should I explain this movie to you? I would honestly just watch the trailer. Just see the trailer and you will know the plot of the movie, the character and where the movie revolves around. I watched this movie back last year and I could not get the right words to watch this movie because of how stupid it is. It really as stupid you can think. I get it, its a disaster film it should not make sense but the audience should enjoy it. They are honestly some quotes in the movie that to this day I still quote with a friend of mine who I watch the movie with because he could understand how ridiculous was during that scene. For the good things about the movie, we get to know by 2020 a weather satellite will control the weather around the earth and will stop hurricanes and tornadoes in a blink of an eye. However, the things I did not enjoy at all of the movies is the acting, the dialogues, the story and the worst of them all was the visual effects. I thought that maybe the visual effects would be the best part of the movie but it turned out the most ridicules part of the movie.

Overall, do not watch this movie instead watch it with a group of friends and just enjoy how today’s technology will control the weather.

Rating: 0/5


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