Blade Runner: 2049

“Blade Runner: 2049” is directed by Denis Villeneuve and it stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Meckenzie Davis. This movie is the continuation of the movie “Blade Runner.” The movie follows officer K (played by Ryan Gosling) a blade runner as he discoveries a secret that could ultimately change the reality of their society. He soon tries to find a former Blade Runner Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) in order to help to uncover this secret.

As you must have read my review “Blade Runner” I had a very polarize review as I did not a final conclusion for the movie as I was divided on how puzzling and confusing the movie was and questioning how it could it consider itself a masterpiece and one best sci-fi movie of all time? With this movie, I cannot consider it a masterpiece but it is definitely a good movie that was highly enjoyable. For the pros of the movie, yet again the cinematography of the movie, just as the original it looks amazing and I could see this in the Oscar race.Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford did a great job in portraying their character. I really enjoyed the action scenes of the movie. I especially thought Jared Leto did a great job in his performance too. I do not want to give too much information as it can be very critical to the plot. Also, the plot was done well on continuing the story it was the perfect fit for the movie. For the con again it was slow pacing just as the original but it was not that distracting as the original. For the original, it would get unbearably slow and it would be frustrating. However, for this movie, it was done somewhat better than it was not unbearable.

Overall, I had a good time in watching the movie. I thought it was done great and for most people who did not understand the original you might have a better understanding of this movie.

Rating: 4.1/5

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