Blade Runner

“Blade Runner” is directed by Ridley Scott and it stars Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, and Sean Young. The movie plot is set in dystopia Los Angeles 2019, where bioengineered humans known as replicants are created by the Tyrell Corporation. The main purpose the replicants are bioengineered by the Corporation so that they could work on off-world colonies. When a group of replicants escapes from one of the colonies they took refuge on Earth. Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) a LAPD officer decides to take the last assignment as the Blade Runner and to retire (or kill) the replicants. I have seen the movie back seven to eights years ago. I remembered the movie being very puzzling and confusing on how this movie could be considered one of the best science fiction movie of all time? Now with “Blade Runner 2049” coming out soon, I decide to watch the movie again and maybe I might have a different opinion for this movie and I could have a final conclusion on what I think about the movie. Unfortunately, I do not have a final conclusion for this movie. Watching the movie the second time and yet it could not give me the answers that I was hoping it would answer. Regardless, I have my pros and cons for the movie. For the pros of the movie, the cinematography of Los Angles 2019 is stunning, for a movie that came out in 1982 this looked amazing to see a major city having a dystopia image. It made the movie something to be recognized for. I also liked Rick Deckard character, every time he would have screen time in the movie, it would have a different approach for him. Now with the cons, the story of the movie at times does not make sense. It is constantly making you ask questions throughout the movie and it never answers it, the movie is also very slow at times it would make the story uninteresting. I could not understand the motive of the replicants at all on why they decided to leave the off-world colony and come to Earth when they knew they would be hunted down by the Blade Runners?

This is the first time I do not understand how confusing and complex this movie is yet if you look at most sites it is highly considered as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. I can understand why this movie could be considered as a cult classic with the future-dystopia Los Angeles. It looks amazing and with this movie coming out in 1982 its incredible on how good it looks for today’s standard where CGI has been transformed from still computer images to a full feature movie.

I would still recommend in watching this movie before you go and watch the new one.Most likely you will be confused and be questioning every scene but it can give you an idea why this movie is highly praised by well-known movie reviewers.

Rating: 3.1/5

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