Arrival (collaboration)

​The following is a collaborative review!

My Review:
“Arrival” is directed by Denis Villeneuve and it stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. In this movie we see Amy Adams trying to communicate with aliens who appear on Earth. Their are 12 of the spaceships around Earth. She tries to communicate with the aliens as everyone thinks it may be an invasion of the planet. Honestly, I wasn’t excited for this movie when the trailer came out. It didn’t say much except that there were aliens and Amy Adams is trying to talk to them. However, this movie is so much then that. The storyline was perfect I didn’t find any flaws with it. The movie is slow paced but it makes the movie so much better. Not a lot of movies can achieve a perfect storyline with such a slow pace. The cinematography was amazing, especially the shot when you first see the spaceship. Amy Adams’ character was great as the lead character. She was clearly dedicated to the role. The only con was Jeremy Renner’s character as he didn’t do much. But regardless, this movie might be the first movie of this year with virtually no cons. Usually there is something wrong with the storyline, the character development and the cinematography. But this movie doesn’t, it is dare I say it, Perfect!

Rating: 5/5

Yash Reply:

I think this movie had excellent cinematography, acting and story as well. The more time I spent thinking about this movie, the more perfect I thought it was. I think it is slow paced in the best way possible. I can agree with you about how surprised I was with this movie. I had a feeling it was going to be a good one, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. Overall a fantastic movie that I am glad we both enjoyed.

Yash Review:

“Arrival” is the type of movie that the second you finish it you can’t stop thinking about it. The more I thought about it, the more I was impressed by it. It’s a sci fi for people looking for a more intellectual and emotional experience. I think the movie does build tension very well but it does payoff in a way that I definitely didn’t see coming. The movie is directed very well and the performances are all great, especially Amy Adams. The movie is about aliens on the surface, but there’s such a beautiful message it’s trying to convey that makes it different. If you’re looking for a fast-paced sci fi thriller, you will be dissappointed from this movie. However, if you appreciate the ability of movies to make you feel and think on a deeper level, you really need to check this one out. It has secured spot in my favorite movies of 2016.


My Reply:

I also think that the more you think about this movie, the better it gets. It was put together really well as I said on my review. This was the best movie I seen so far this year for story, cinematography and acting. This movie definitely has a beautiful message and it definitely makes you feel something on a deeper level. 

Average Score:


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