Doctor Strange (collaboration)

My collaboration with Yash Bansal go to his blog channel

My review:
Doctor Strange is directed by Scott Derrickson and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as an acclaimed neurosurgeon who loses the control of his hands from a car accident. After countless surgeries that result in failure, he travels to Nepal to learn the mythical arts to heal his hands and in the process becomes a powerful sorcerer. The first pro of the movie is the story. Marvel has always done a great job with the Cinematic Universe and there was no lacking. Another pro has to be the acting. Cumberbatch and the supporting actors played their well and it was fun to watch Dr. Strange trying to control his powers. Finally, the visuals have to be the best visuals of this year. It was beautifully shot and the constant flow was greatly done. The biggest con was the villains. Every Marvel movie tends to have a one-dimensional villain nowadays. This movie had another problem and that was that the final battle left me a little puzzled. Overall, a brilliant movie from Marvel. They did a great job bringing a not well known comic book character to the big screen.

Rating: 4.3/5

Yash view:
I definitely agree with the pros and cons that you listed. I think the movie had a good story and very slick visuals. I also think that Cumberbatch was great in the movie. The villains were definitely weak, but that seems to be a recurring problem in superhero movies nowadays. Overall I think this is a good movie from Marvel and I’m glad to see that we both enjoyed it!

Yash review:
While “Doctor Strange” is certainly not my favorite entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is definitely a fun one. I enjoyed this movie overall and think it is a good time at the movies. I really didn’t know anything about this character beforehand, so I was walking in with no expectations as far as comic lore was concerned. I think the movie showcases some very good performances and some truly incredible visuals. It’s a rare thing to recommend 3D for a movie nowadays, and I would say this one is well worth the extra cost. The movie is also surprisingly very funny. Marvel movies have a tendency to have scenes with humor, but this movie has a good amount of jokes that work well. The story is good, but it mostly is typical origin story stuff that we’re used to. It is still entertaining and unique and the character of Doctor Strange is reminiscent of Iron Man. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job in the role and by the end of it, you do care for his character quite a bit. He’s not immediately likable, which is good because it shows character growth. I do think the movie is a bit over the top in places and suffers from a weak villain. However, I think it is so visually dazzling and so much fun, that I can still fully recommend it to Marvel fans.


My view:
I can agree with Yash overall. It was a fun movie to bring the introduction of magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I definitely recommend watching this movie in 3-D. Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job in portraying the character and how it felt somewhat a little similar to Iron Man. Another thing I could agree about the movie is the weak villain but it doesn’t ruin the movie. It is an overall great movie.

Average score: 4.15/5

Yash Blog:

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