This was the first ever movie I ever saw that was this unique and it was not adapted from any book or true story. In this movie, we see a child named Mason, growing up as the movie progress, and ultimately to the first day of college. The many things I loved in this movie was the cast it remain the same throughout the years, they were never replaced. This movie took 16 years to developed. Another great thing about this movie ,it goes through a lot of nostalgic moments for me, they were times when I would get remembered what I used to watch or to what I used to wear.One thing in this movie that I really enjoyed watching was the progress of Mason’s mom Olivia. When you saw her acted it was raw. The emotions she was going through relationships, going to school, found love again, going through a terrible relationship, back to school and work, finding another relationship and breaking from that one was incredible. This movie is a special one and everyone should watch this because it is something anyone could relate to.

Rating 5/5


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